Permanent Hire/Set Run Vehicles

Perth Permanent Hire and Set Run Courier Service


Operating your own fleet can be expensive and time-consuming – why not outsource this to CTI Couriers?

We can provide you with professional drivers with fit for purpose vehicles, including your company branding on our driver uniforms and vehicles to promote your brand in the marketplace.

Advantages of using permanent hire and set run vehicles include:

  • No fleet maintenance and registration costs
  • No driver recruitment hassles
  • Back up driver support for annual leave and illness
  • Reduced exposure to Chain of Responsibility requirements
  • Reduced exposure to Workers’ Compensation issues
  • Better control of distribution costs


CTI Couriers specialise in providing permanent set run services with the supply of handpicked, dedicated and uniformed drivers. These drivers will become part of your organisation while we look after providing a great service.

If you are looking at a tailored permanent hire or set run service, please get in contact.